How to calculate Carpet Area, Bulit up Area, Super area of a flat

How to calculate an area of a flat

Often people get confused how these areas are measured, but it is very simple & easy calculation.
There are few terms like carpet area, build-up/ built- up area, super built- up area/ super- area/ salable area. Also there are some norms for area measurements & consideration. Some norms are general norms & some are decided by the law.

Built-Up Area - Built up Area is area measured on the outer line of the unit including balconies and terraces with or without roof. Built-Up Area shall also include Mezzanine floors, if any and also detached habitable areas, if any, such as servant's room etc. allotted for exclusive ownership.

The outer walls which are shared with another unit shall be computed at 50%.

Remaining outer walls are computed at 100%.

Carpet Area - Carpet Area is the area arrived at by deducting the areas of core thickness (i.e. unplastered thickness) of all the outer walls from the above defined Built Up Area.

Super Built Area (SBA) - The Super Built Area is Built-Up Area as defined above in addition to the proportionate share of the following:

1. A certain percentage of the double height areas or terraces if any
2. Entrance Lobby
3. Corridors
4. Stair Cases including approaches & mid- landing area
5. Lift Shaft area at every level
6. Lift Lobby and Hall & other lobbies, landings etc
7. Lift Machine rooms
8. Generator rooms
9. Electrical rooms, rooms built for substations/ transformers, if any.
10. Security room
11. And any other common areas constructed not included above, provided they are not separately charged.

How the share of common area is calculated?

Common area for each unit = Total Common Area divided by number of units.
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