PMAY Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban Only) - Simplified

"100+ 1" is always more than "100" & in same manner "100- 1" is always less than "100". That's why a subsidy of upto 2.25 lakh (direct deduction from your Home Loan) is a big big help for a common man.

Here I am trying to put things in very simple language -

1. What is PMAY?
PMAY is Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. It's an initiative by Honorable Prime Minister to avail home for all. It helps people to get home loans on reduced interest rates, to give them subsidy on their home loan amount, etc.

(Here we are discussing only about Credit Linked Subsidy - Direct deduction of subsidy from Home Loan amount)

Our Esteemed Customer Shri. Dyaneshwar Hipparkar receiving Subsidy Letter Our Esteemed Customer Shri. Dyaneshwar Hipparkar receiving Subsidy Letter

2. Who is Eligible? Let's take only 3 points -
1- Those who have income less that 6 lakh annually are eligible.
2- It should be your "First Home". Family should not have pakka house before.
3- Carpet area Limit- Carpet Area should be below 60 Sq Meters (645 Sq Feet)

3. Where to Apply?
Any Bank or any Housing Finance Company like HDFC Home Loan.

Here is help for you - For all our Customers, we provide full & free support to get you subsidy. No Hassle, No strings attached. Already many customers of Phadke Developers have got subsidy from this scheme.

Call- 92258 90777, 8668653433 for Support!

Note - This article is not entire information about Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Writer here is extracting relative information about readers. One may read official government website for full information.