Electrical Specifications for flats of Phadke Developers

Electrical Specifications

"We believe that A good construction planning is a process which not only understand customer requirements, but also anticipates safety, convenience & pleasure of Living!"

Electrical Specifications & Description

Provision & Distribution of electrical points throughout the flat is very essential part of planning. At Phadke Developers, we give emphasis on Safety, Convenience, Utility as 3 measure aspects of planning

Each room is provided with 5 basic points!

  • 1 No - 6 Amp point for Tube-Light
  • 1 No- 6 Amp point for Ceiling Fan
  • 1 No- 6 Amp point for Night Lamp/ Bulb
  • 1 No – 2-in-1 Multi socket point (3 pin + 2 pin)
  • 1 No- Fan Dimmer on Switch Board

Along with it we provide

  • 1 No- Bell point
  • 1 No- TV Point in Living (with our best effort & at best location so as Home Maker Lady could see her favorite TV serial :-)
  • 1 No- 16 Amp point for Water Heater (Socket inside bathroom & Switch outside bathroom to prevent wet hand contact)
  • Each 1 No- 6 Amp point for fixed Lighting (Bulb) in Bathroom, WC & above Wash Basin
  • 1 No- 6 Amp point for fixed Lighting & 1 No of 16 Amp point for Washing Machine (Max 4000W)
  • 1 No- 6 Amp point for Exhaust Fan

All switched & wires, MCBs, RCCBs are of ISI mark.
All wiring used is copper wiring of ISI mark only.