Testimonials: a few words from our clients

"Transparent service, good construction, helpful, cooperative people"

"It is very nice experience with Phadke Developers. We are planning to buy another flat in their new scheme"

"From the beginning I was confident that I have made right choice to book here. I am proud of my decision. I would recommend Phadke Developers to all my friends & relatives"

"Phadke Developers Explained me about their Project & Amenities very clearly. I will rate their Service Support as - Excellent"

"It is very Good Experience with Phadke Developers. As being Engineer, I would rate their Quality as 9/ 10. All schemes are having affordable prices.

Pre Approved project & Loan Support helped us a lot."

"I was very impressed with PHADKE DEVELOPERES Project. It is really good and has all the basic amenities that are needed for a comfortable stay. I admire the way the flat was built. Infrastructure is simply superb and apartment is very spacious. I am very happy to buy an apartment at this project."

Shri. Sachin Mali wrote on 11 September 2018

मी फडके डेव्हलपर्स यांचेकडून मिरज येथे “प्रथमेश” येथे सदनिका खरेदी केली आहे. फडके डेव्हलपर्सचा कामाचा दर्जा चांगला आहे, तसेच गृहकर्जाची कागदपत्रे तयार करण्यास व गृहकर्ज घेण्यासाठी त्यांनी छान सहाय्य केले.आज माझ्या सदनिकेचा ताबा घेऊन ३ वर्षे झाली आहेत. तरीही सदनिकेत आजपर्यंत कोणत्याही अडचणी जाणवल्या नाहीत.

Shri. Dhanaji R. Anuse wrote via email on 26 January 2015

Dear Pradeep Phadke,

I wanted to purchase a 1 BHK flat in Sangli. So one day I casually browsed the internet and came across the Phadke Developers website. I put requirement and were pleased to get a reply from Pradeep Phadke in next day. The journey from there to the time I purchased a flat in Madhupushp Apartment in Govt. Colony, Sangli. I got all the assistance and help I wanted from Pradeep and his staff.

To be honest, I never felt purchasing a flat in Sangli would be so easy not being physically present there. My relatives visited the site during construction period and gave me a very good feedback.

I am really impressed and would definitely recommend Phadke Developers to anyone who is planning to purchase a flat in Sangli.

With regards,

Shri. Hrishikesh Patil wrote via email on 22nd December 2014

Dear Phadke Developers,

We have booked one Two BHK flat in your Madhupush Apartment ,which is situated in Govt. Colony, Sangli- 416415 in last year.

We are happy to tell you for your performance.

We don't have any complaint & issue.

Also quality of work & attendance of problem was much appreciative.

So please keep good work for other project in future also.


Shri. Manoj Harale wrote

दि. १८/११/२०१४

मी मनोज हराळे, फडके डेव्हलपर्स यांचेकडून सांगली येथील गव्हरमेंट कॉलनी परिसरातील 'मधुपुष्प' अपार्टमेंट मधील फ्लॅट न:- ७ खरेदी केलेला असुन सुरवातीपासून ताबा घेणेपर्यंतचे फडके डेव्हलपर्स यांचे बांधकामाचा दर्जा व व्यवहाराची पारदर्शकता उत्तम आहे, याची मला एक वर्षामध्ये वेळोवेळी जाणीव झाली.

आपला हितचिंतक,

Our valued customer Shripad Hanmant Atre wrote...

Dear Shri Pradeep Phadke Sir,

I am writing this mail specifically to put on record and make public some rarely seen qualities in the field of construction & in Mr Pradeepji Phadke sir, who had made entry in the field of construction in Oct 2011.

This total field of construction is going away from the grip of middle class or even higher middle class due to various reasons. It was and is becoming very difficult to raise the difference between actual construction cost and the quantum of loan that can be made available to a purchaser of home due to extra money { not included in the agreement cost } demanded by builder community and other reasons like increasing the cost of land in a particular area / city and also due to customer asking for home only in selected areas. Also we have seen the incidences about non completion of house by builder, asking for more and more money by escalating the costs after making agreement, not maintaining quality of construction material and construction work and lastly there were also some builders who used to leave the construction at midway stage and used to absconding. Also there were some incidences wherein the rate of flat purchase was at lower side but there were legal problems related to the title of the concerned property and the customer / client who was investing huge amount, saved during his lifetime was thrown to a helpless and long going drama of legal disputes / Court and his family was sunk in a deep sea of sorrows and misery and difficulties.

Now on the backdrop of above I Shripad Hanmant Atre wish to give my spontaneous feedback about this enchanting, pleasant and energetic personality of Mr Pradeepji. I met him first in Oct 2011 and saw his entire progress of apartment completed at Pride Plaza at Govt. colony, Sangli which speaks very well about the qualities of his construction.

I was the first to book the first flat in Gurudeo Residency in Jan 2013, which was his second project. This apartment is in Govt. Colony and is 500 m away from Vijay Nagar Chouk and also from at same distance from the final bus stop of Hasani Ashram, Govt colony, Sangli. The project is now completed and is ready to live. The occupancy certificate is issued by Sangli Miraj Kupwad Mahanagarpalika.

I give below salient features of the special things that make clear difference between Pradeepji and other builders:

  1. Full transparency in this deal of purchasing of house.Especially special thrust on clear title of land is given by him and he gives all the related papers to proposed purchaser and clears all his doubts and also gives possible help in sanctioning of loan to the client.The surrounding of site are very pleasant one.
  2. Entirely white transaction, no hidden costs.
  3. Gives clear knowledge of what exactly will be given at the entire project cost that is determined at above.
  4. Appointment of skilled staff at work and daily self monitoring of work.
  5. Happily accepts the list of minor changes, generally which are put from wife's side and tries to give maximum satisfaction to them by concluding to their logical end.
  6. Some purchases like, selection of tiles, selection of colour , basin , sink, doors , windows are very selective type and Mr Pradeep was seen always happy to accompany me while selecting the type of material in the home and I saw him as our family member.
  7. Actual quality and strength of the building is kept at highest level as he observed all rules of size of steel in RCC structured building and rules related to slab and never sacrificed quality in lieu of time and speed.
  8. He is a very soft but firm spoken personality and he helps during the entire span of making agreement till the final conveyance deed is being executed.
  9. Making homes for our middle or higher middle class at possible lowest level and with minimum required amenities and who are willing to use this home in a real way is his aim and I feel from last years experience with him that he has taken this as achallengeand social responsibility.

I believe that such persons like Pradeepji work for society and not for themselves as God or All-mighty takes care of him and his family and Pradeepji takes care of our difficulties in this area of construction.

So I appeal for the persons who are searching for good HOME in Sangli Miraj Kupwad Area and who wish to live with good cultural people and who want to enjoy leaving in a real sence , to visit Mr Pradeepji's office at address- "Opposite Yes Sir, Near Khare Mangal Karyalaya , Vishrambag, Sangli."

Pradeep has taken few more residential projects at Dhamani Road, Vishrambag, Sangli which are named as Springdale ; Blossom and as per my interaction Mr Pradeep is going to make entry in Miraj city with a fresh scheme named as "Prathamesh Residency".

I wish to state here that I have given this feedback from bottom of my heart and I am not relative of Mr Pradeep and it is the outcome of my feeling that we as Maharashtrian should always support good things that are observed around us to boost the morale of such people which will ultimately help our middle or higher middle class to have our GOOD HOME at Sangli city which is very silent one and is also known as Education and Industrial hub and which is having holy presence of GOD GANPATI OF SANGLI SANSTHAN on the banks of Mata Krishna river and make our life very happy.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Your Well wisher and Shubhchintak,

Shri. Snehal Shitole expressed on 31- Jan- 2014 via mail

Dear Pradeep Ji,

We are very happy to be associated with Phadke Developers.

Being one of your customers, very pleased and satisfied about making my investments in your project.

Appreciate the transparency and clarity maintained by you in the process.

Wishing you the best for all your future endeavors.